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The end to end platform
for landlords and renters

The end to end platform
for landlords and renters.

London, UK
PropTech, Real Estate
Company size
1 - 10 employees
Investment round
Raised capital
€200K - €500K
€2M - €5M


Currently operating in London and Dubai, both booming markets in the rental space industry, Rentd’s goal is to revolutionize the long-term letting market. Outside of Rentd the process of discovering, viewing, negotiating, getting approved and closing on a property is tedious at best. The whole process requires a human interaction with multiple people involved and takes weeks to finalize. Rentd extrapolates all of that complexity and makes it possible for both tenants and landlords to close on a deal completely through the platform within days, as opposed to weeks.

Scheduling a viewing of a property, negotating between tenants and landlords, reference checks, signing the contract and setting up payments is all handled through Rentd without any third party involvement.

After moving in, tenants can setup and monitor all of the expenses associated with the rented property, and landlords can receive automated payments through the platform and track various statistics for their properties. This creates a long-term value for both user types and positions Rentd as an irreplaceable utility when it comes to managing your property, whether you are a tenant or a landlord.

These guys have been nothing short of amazing since the beginning. Their speed of development and level of commitment is like nothing I’ve seen. They’ve worked countless of hours with and without me during the weekends, and there’s been several times when we’ve stayed up past midnight working on a certain problem set.

They are an invaluable part of the Rentd team and I am happy to call them partners.

Ahmed Gamal
CEO & Co-Founder Rentd


Before Ahmed started working with us, he had hired an agency to develop his MVP. They had built a very feature-limited MVP on iOS and an admin panel using Angular which offered very little operational benefit to the Rentd team. Node.js together with GCP were used for the backend.

After defining Rentd’s goals we decided the best course of action would be to build a Web App using React, and to develop the mobile apps using React Native (replacing the existing iOS MVP).

Using React & React Native allowed us to quickly launch Rentd Web, Android & iOS making the product available to everyone (it is never a good idea to lock yourself up on a single platform, especially early on).

The admin panel was also completely rebuilt using Next.js as it used a 2 year old version of Angular which made it impossible to work on. We continued using Node.js & GCP for the backend after making certain itterations that led to drastic performance gains and made sure the product is scalable as the number & complexity of features grows.

We are now leading the technical vision of Rentd and itterate the platform weekly based on long-term strategy and user feedback. The best is yet to come from Rentd!


Cloud Functions
Cloud Run
Material UI
Cloud Firestore
React Native
Cloud Storage


Google Auth
Google Analytics
Google Maps

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