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Exelerate is a young, tight-knitted team of experts at designing and developing software using the latest industry standards and technologies.

Where we are

We are located in South-Eastern Europe in Skopje, Macedonia. Our country during the last decade has made great strides toward establishing itself as a technology hub and a great source of talent for software development. Skopje, as the country's capital is within the heart of this digital revolution.

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Skopje's IT Ecosystem

It is of no surprise that great technology companies have emerged in Skopje within the last decade. Skopje is now the home of great IT outsourcingcompanies, tech startups, numerous tech conferences, hackathons, business accelerators and IT academies.

Great IT Talent & Competitive Costs

As a result of this ecosystem, Skopje has created an abandunce of IT talent that is the driving force of Macedonia's economic growth. This talent combined with the country's low cost of living makes for a very competitive offering when it comes to choosing a strategic business partner to take care of all your IT needs.

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Our Story

Before we created Exelerate we, the founding members, each used to work for different big IT outsourcing firms in Skopje. We left our high-paying comfortable jobs because we always wanted to create something of our own and we thought we can do it better than the firms we worked at.

The Problem We Saw

Almost every IT firm judges their value by the number of engineers they employ and the number of projects they close. At that point it is more about the balance sheet than it is about creating great software. That is most evident when you check the LinkedIn of big outsourcing firms and see how many recruiters and sales people they employ.

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Our Approach

At Exelerate we value ourselves by the quality of software we deliver and the service we provide. We do not have any sales people or recruiters, what we have instead is a passionate team of talented experts,risk-takers and entrepreneurs. We believe in quality over quantity.

100% Focus On You

At Exelerate we only work with one partner at a time. Because of that we only work with clients that we deem would be a right fit for us and we to them. That allows us to completely devote ourselves to a single project and provide the ultimate customer service.

Meet the team

The value of software is only as good as the people who built it. That is why we are very selective during the hiring process and we invest heavily in the growth of our engineers.

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Let's work together

If you are a business looking to reinvent your digital presence or a startup that is trying to make its idea a reality we are here to help.

Want to join our team? Check available positions here.