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We help visionary founders create the  


of the future.

What we do

We partner with early-stage startups and come on board as both technical co-founder and product development team. We are right there with you in the trenches, starting with the product launch all the way until reaching our mutual goal: a successful exit for your startup.

How we do it?


Technical Leadership

We come on board as a technical co-founder and we take charge of the technical aspect of the project.

We build the MVP within 60 days in order to validate the products market fit ASAP.

We launched the product, now we need to keep working on it and steer in the right direction to reach our destination.

As the product scales we will need more personnel to help grow it. We can easily scale up the team without any recruitment & management overhead for our partners.

We have years of experience of pitching alongside our partners in front of investors. We love working on pitch decks and selling the story of the startups we work on. We also have access to a wide network of investors.

What we specialize in

Over the years we have created an operational team which specializes in building and growing startups. Our team is backed by a wide network of domain experts and investors. This positions us perfectly to provide support for the founders we partner with in the following domains:
Product Design
Software Architecture
Project Management
Technical Guidance
Raising Capital

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The end to end platform for landlords and renters.


The end to end platform for landlords and renters.
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@ 2022 Exelerate. All rights reserved.